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DM Long distance (WRE)

13. september (DM is Danish Championship)


Start lists Young - AM New 2020.09.12 14:24

Start lists Senior - PM New 2020.09.12 14:24

Club start lists New 2020.09.12 14:24

Live video from 9:45 

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O-track and Livelox

Another race nearby in Denmark:

DM long distance pre-training 12. september in Gråsten skov

See Bulletin 1, Bulletin 2, results and more here



New corrected results is released.

After processing a protest, the jury has come to the conclusion that the runners Cecilie Friberg Klysner, Miri Thrane Ødum and Emil Øbro must be disqualified for not following the forced passage.


New corrected results is released.

The first list was faulty


Results and a PDF with courses is released


at: 14:24

New start lists


at: 18:32

New start lists


at: 21:03

New Bulletin 2 ver. 20. See changes on page 2


Bulletin 2, start lists for DM Long distance is released


Bulletin 1 for DM Long distance has been updated


The Corona rules from the authorities are now updated. This leads to the following rules for DM Lang 2020:

  • The championships will be divided into two independent events. One “DM Young” in the morning at app. 10 – 14 hrs., and one “DM Senior” in the afternoon at app. 14 – 18 hrs.
  • The morning event will cover the classes up to W/M50, the afternoon event will cover classes from W/M55 and older.
  • It will be possible to pre-register for open courses in both events. No courses on sale on the day of the event.
  • No club tents are allowed on the venue and there will be no kiosk.
  • Only online results will be available.
  • Due to the restrictions against assembling, the orienteers are encouraged to go directly from the parking are to the Start shortly before the start time, and again leave the venue shortly after finish line.
  • Persons driving together should as far as possible spend waiting time in the car both before start as well as after finish.


This is what the map of Aabenraa Syd looked like in 2003. click here


Dear orienteers

In a press release the government has announced, that the so called phase-3 plan as per 8th of August for increasing group size in the rules for assemblies of large groups has been put on hold. This is due to an increased corona infection in Denmark.

This of course means, that we are concerned, that we cannot execute the Danish Long Distance Championship as planned.

On the timeline the Championship is in phase 4, where so far, the signals were, that the rules for group gathering, would allow larger groups. But now the signals are, that this might not happen.

The government and the political parties will meet on 12th of August to discuss the situation, and shortly after we expect that the authorities and Danish Orienteering Association will announce the final phase-4 rules.

Thus, we expect, that we not later than 20th of august can inform, how we will comply with the new corona rules.

Best regards

The Event Management


Bulletin 1 for DM Long distance is released


The area marked to the right is considered embargoed area for orienteering